Dr. Karen J. Crooker
Associate Professor 
Human Resource Management

Office: Molinaro 349  Email: crooker@uwp.edu Phone: (262) 595-2280 Fax: (262) 595-2680
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Summer 2014

Management Techniques, MBA 744
6:00 - 9:25 p.m., Mondays & Wednesday, MOL 167, July 14-August 8 

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Past Terms --Other Classes

MBA Classes:

Service Management, MBA 790
    last taught Fall 2013

Improving Employee Performance, MBA 788
last taught Fall 2013

Emotional Intelligence, MBA 743
    last taught Summer 2013

Strategic Human Resource Management, MBA 786
    last taught Spring 2013

Resilience in Organizations, MBA 745
    last taught Fall 2010

Staffing Organizations, MBA 787
    last taught Spring 2008

Undergrad Classes:

Management Techniques, MGT 447
    last taught Spring 2015

Staffing Organizations, HRM 441
    last taught Spring 2014

Service Management, RMGT 454
    last taught Spring 2014

Improving Employee Performance, HRM 442
    last taught Fall 2013

Retail Management, RMGT 453
     last taught Fall 2013

Entrepreneurial Principles, ENTR 250
    last taught Spring 2012

Entrepreneurial Leadership, ENTR 350
    last taught Fall 2011

Human Resource Management, HRM 343
    last taught Spring 2011

Other Information:

SEG Center/Community Based Learning Project Photo Archive

    BUS 454
Fall Semester 2012
Kenosha Public Museums, The Sharing Center, Love, Inc., Abundant Life Christian Center Ministries
HRM 442
Fall Semester 2012
UWP Academic Staff Committee
ENTR 350
Fall Semester 2011
HALO, Inc.
HRM 441
Spring Semester 2010
Careers Industries Racine, HOPES Center, Foundations of Life, Racine YWCA
HRM 442
Fall Semester 2009
Racine/Kenosha Action Agency, Careers Industries Burlington & Racine, Johnson Controls, Aging & Disability Resource Center, Children's Service Society of Wisconsin
BUS 453
Fall Semester 2009
Cup of Hope & Just Trade for HOPES Center, Racine Arts Council, Northern Lights

HRM 441
Spring Semester 2009 
Kenosha Fire Department & City of Kenosha, HOPES Center, Racine Youth Sports, Southeast Wisconsin Performing Arts 
HRM 442
Fall Semester 2008
U. S. Bank - Racine
HRM 442
Fall Semester 2007 
21st Century Prep
HRM 442
Fall Semester 2006 
21st Century Prep
MBA 790
Spring Semester 2006 
21st Century Prep
HRM 442
Fall Semester 2005 
Racine YWCA
HRM 442
Spring Semester 2005 
Racine YWCA

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