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What is Resilience?  Resilience in Organizations:  Characteristics Resilience in Organizations:  Development  
Resilience in Individuals:  Characteristics   Resilience in Individuals:  Development in Self 
Resilience in Individuals:  Development in Others Being a Resilient Leader  

I apologize that the following references are in far from perfect APA or MLA style.  Speed is more of a concern that 100% perfect formatting for me as I do this.  :(

Topic Article PDF Due Date Student Number Annotation
  What is Resilience?        
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  Resilience in Organizations:  Characteristics     
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  Resilience in Organizations:  Development                              
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  Resilience in Individuals:  Characteristics           
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  As you can see below, Frederickson is prolific on the subject.  I am only assigning this 1 article however.  


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 As you can see, Bonanno is prolific on the subject.  I am only assigning this 1 article however.     ·         Bonanno, G. A., Rennicke, C., & Dekel, S. (2005). Self-Enhancement Among High-Exposure Survivors of the September 11th Terrorist Attack: Resilience or Social Maladjustment? Journal of personality and social psychology, 88 984-998. pdf  11/10 7 File
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   Resilience in Individuals:  Development in Self                     
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Resilience in Individuals:  Development in Others                
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pdf  11/24 12 File

Professional Resilience in Baccalaureate-Prepared Acute Care Nurses: First Steps (2008)

pdf  x

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Being a Resilient Leader          
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