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Resilience in Organizations
Fall 20

Writers may submit summaries to classmates and the instructor by way of e-mail attachment if prepared by noon on Tuesdays.  Otherwise writers must bring 30 copies to class Wednesday night. 

Week 2
- What is Resilience?  
- Resilience in Organizations:  Characteristics
Week 3
- Resilience in Organizations:  Development  
Week 4
- Resilience in Individuals:  Characteristics
Week 5
- Resilience in Individuals:  Characteristics
Week 6
- Resilience in Individuals:  Development in Self 
Week 7 
- Resilience in Individuals:  Development in Others
- Being a Resilient Leader


Week Topic Article # Pgs PDF Writer Reader #1 Reader #2
2 - Sept 15 What is Resilience?          
    ·         Coutu, D.L. (2002). How resilience works. Harvard Business Review, 80, (5), 46-55. 7 pdf Li,Chunguang Scotese,Jeff Meyer,Courtney
    ·         Luthar, S.S. & Cicchetti, D. (2000). The construct of resilience: implications for interventions and social policies. Developmental Psychopathology, 12, 857-885. 29 pdf Shen,Qi Ranger,Jon Tobias,Richard
    ·         Sheldon, K. M., Turban, D.V., Brown, K., Barrick, M., & Judge, T. 2003. Applying self-determination theory to organizational research. In J. J. Martocchio & G. Ferris (eds.), Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management (vol 22, pp. 357-394), Thousand Oaks, CA: JAI Press. 36 pdf Reece,Destiny Qin,Jingxiang Steberl,Matt
    ·         Tusaie, K. & Dyer, J. (2004). Resilience: A historical review of the construct. Holistic Nursing Practice, 18, 3-10.  8 pdf Chen,Yushi Schneider,Jason Haman,Amanda
  Resilience in Organizations:  Characteristics                      
    ·         Buenza, D., & Stark D. (2003), The Organization of Responsiveness: Innovation and Recovery in the Trading Rooms of Lower Manhattan. Socio-Economic Review, 1, (2),135-164.  30 pdf Bonke,Amanda Misra,Neha Scotese,Jeff 
    ·         Freeman, S. F., Maltz, M., & Hirschhorn, L. (2004). The Power of Moral Purpose: Sandler O'Neill & Partners in the Aftermath of September 11 , 2001. Organizational Development Journal 13 pdf Doan,Kim Seagren,Samantha Tobias,Richard
    ·        Grabowski, M. and K. H. Roberts (1997). "Risk mitigation in large-scale systems: Lessons from high-reliability organizations. California Management Review 39(4): 152-162. 12 pdf Gao,Hong Smith,Nicholas Ranger,Jon
    ·         Gittell, J.H, Cameron, K., Lim, S. & Rivas, V. (2006). Relationships, layoffs and organizational resilience. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science., 42 , forthcoming 30 pdf Cronin,Joseph Weng,Rui Seagren,Samantha
    ·         Hynes, T. and P. Prasad (1997). Patterns of 'mock bureaucracy' in mining disasters: an analysis of the Westray coal mine explosion. Journal of Management Studies 34(4): 601-623. 24 pdf Gaxiola Linares,Ana Maria Petroski,Aaron  Yin,Zhije
    ·         Schulman, P., Roe, E., van Eeten, M., & de Bruijne, M. 2004. High reliability and the management of critical infrastructures. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, 12(1), 14-28. 16 pdf Haman,Amanda Chen,Yushi Ravnikar,Natasha 
    ·         Sheffi, Y., & Rice Jr., J.B. (2005). A Supply Chain View of the Resilient Enterprise. MIT Sloan Management Review, 47 (1), 41-48. 11 pdf Hayden,Chris Gao,Hong Weng,Rui
    ·         Turner, B. A. (1976). The organizational and interorganizational development of disasters. Administrative Science Quarterly 21( (3): 378-397. 20 pdf Kaur,Gurman Ravnikar,Natasha Hayden,Chris
    ·         Klein, R. L., G. A. Bigley, et al. (1995). Organizational culture in high reliability organizations: An extension. Human Relations 48( (7): 771-793. 23 pdf Hoffmann,Thomas Yin,Zhije Schneider,Jason
    ·         Hamel, G., & Valikangas, L.(2003). The quest for resilience. Harvard Business Review, 81 (9), 52-63. 13 pdf Meyer,Courtney Li,Chunguang Petroski,Aaron
    ·         Weick, K. E. (1987). Organizational culture as a source of high reliability. California Management Review 29( (2): 112-127. 17 pdf Johnson,Brittany Doan,Kim Smith,Nicholas 
 3 - Sept 22 Resilience in Organizations:  Development                                     
    ·         McCann,  Joseph ;  John Seisky ;  James Lee.  2009.  Building Agility, Resilience and Performance in Turbulent Environments.  People & Strategy 32(3),  p. 44-51.  8 pdf Misra,Neha Hayden,Chris Reece,Destiny
    ·         Bigley, G. A. and K. H. Roberts (2001). The incident command system: High-reliability organizing for complex and volatile task environments. Academy of Management Journal 44(6): 1281-1299. 19 pdf Petroski,Aaron Gao,Jennifer Li,Chunguang
    ·         Lengnick-Hall, C. A., & Tammy E Beck. (2005). Adaptive Fit Versus Robust Transformation: How Organizations Respond to Environmental Change. Journal of Management 31 (5), 738-757. 20 pdf Scotese,Jeff Gaxiola Linares,Ana Weng,Rui
    ·         Mallak, Larry (1998) Putting Organizational Resilience to Work. Industrial Management. 8-13. 6 pdf Tobias,Richard  Doan,Kim Haman,Amanda
    ·         Meyer, Alan (1982) Adapting to Environmental Jolts, Administrative Science Quarterly, 27, 515-537 23 pdf Ranger,Jon Kaur,Gurman Meyer,Courtney
    ·         Wilson, S.M., & Ferch, S.R. (2005). Enhancing Resilience in the Workplace Through the Practice of Caring Relationships. Organization Development Journal, 23 (4), 45-60. 16 pdf Qin,Jingxiang Meyer,Courtney Schneider,Jason 
    ·         Sutcliffe, K., & Vogus, T. (2003). Organizing for Resilience. In K.S. Cameron, J.E. Dutton & R.E. Quinn (Eds.) Positive Organizational Scholarship: Foundations of a New Discipline (94-110). San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler.  17 pdf Ravnikar,Natasha Hoffmann,Thomas Shen,Qi
    ·         Fredrickson, B. L. (2003). Positive emotions and upward spirals in organizations. In K. S. Cameron, J. E. Dutton, & R. E. Quinn (Eds.), Positive organizational scholarship: Foundations of a new discipline. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc. 14  pdf Seagren,Samantha Li,Chunguang Smith,Nic
    ·         Wood, David D. (2005). Creating Foresight: Lessons for Enhancing Resilience from Columbia.  In W. H. Starbuck & M. Farjoun (Eds.) Organization at the Limit: NASA and the Columbia Disaster (289-308).   Oxford: Blackwell Publishing  19 pdf Steberl,Matt Cronin,Joe Johnson,Brittany 

·         Schulman, Paul R., & Roe, Emery.  2007.  Designing infrastructures: Dilemmas of design and the reliability of critical infrastructures.  Journal of Contingencies & Crisis Management, 15(1):42-49. 

9 pdf Smith,Nick Bonke,Amanda  Misra,Neha
  Organizational Examples    
    Ford   doc
    Jet Blue   doc
    Norwalk Custom Order Furniture   doc
    Palm   doc
    Starbucks   doc
 4 - Sept 29 Resilience in Individuals:  Characteristics           
    ·         Bonanno, G. A. (2004). Loss, Trauma, and Human Resilience: Have We Underestimated the Human Capacity to Thrive After Extremely Aversive Events? American Psychologist, 59(1), 20-28.  9 pdf  Gao,Jennifer Scotese,Jeff Bonke,Amanda
    ·         Bonanno, G. A. (2005). Resilience in the face of potential trauma. Current directions in psychological science, 14(3), 135-138.  pdf  Shen,Qi Hayden,Chris Haman,Amanda
      ·         Fredrickson, B. L., & Branigan, C. (2005). Positive emotions broaden the scope of attention and thought-action repertoires. Cognition & Emotion, 19(3), 313-332.  21   pdf  Misra,Neha Hoffmann,Thomas  Meyer,Courtney 
      ·         Fredrickson, B. L., & Losada, M. F. (2005). Positive affect and the complex dynamics of human flourishing. American Psychologist, 60(7), 678-686.  9 pdf   Cronin,Joe Seagren,Samantha Gao,Jennifer
      ·         Epel, McEwen, Ickovicks (1998). Embodying Psychological Thriving: Physical Thriving in Response to Stress. Journal of Social Issues, 54, 301-322.  22  pdf  Tobias,Richard Johnson,Brittany Kaur,Gurman
      ·         Tugade, M.M., & Fredrickson, B. L. (2004). Resilient individuals use positive emotions to bounce back from negative emotional experiences. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 86, (2), 320-333. 13   pdf  Smith,Nick Ravnikar,Natasha  Doan,Kim
    ·         Boardman, Jason D.; Blalock, Casey L.; Button, Tanya M. M.. (2008). Sex Differences in the Heritability of Resilience.  Twin Research & Human Genetics,  Vol. 11 Issue 1, p12-27 16 pdf  Li,Chunguang Reece,Destiny  Steberl,Matt
    ·         de Kloet, E. R.. (2008).  About Stress Hormones and Resilience to Psychopathology.  Journal of Neuroendocrinology, Vol. 20 Issue 7, p885-892 7 pdf  Doan,Kim Ranger,Jon Schneider,Jason
      ·         The Brief Resilience Scale: Assessing the Ability to Bounce Back 6 pdf  Bonke,Amanda  Shen,Qi Smith,Nic
      ·         Cultural orientation, ego resilience, and optimism as predictors of subjective well-being in African Americans 8 pdf  Gaxiola Linares,Ana Meyer,Courtney Cronin,Jo
      ·         Resilience: a new integrative approach to health and mental health research 24 pdf  Weng,Rui Haman,Amanda Petroski,Aaron
      ·         Bonanno, G. A., Rennicke, C., & Dekel, S. (2005). Self-Enhancement Among High-Exposure Survivors of the September 11th Terrorist Attack: Resilience or Social Maladjustment? Journal of personality and social psychology, 88 984-998. 15 pdf  Schneider,Jason Qin,Jingxiang Scotese,Jeff
      ·         Fredrickson, B.L., Tugade, M. M., Waugh, C.E., & Larkin, G.R. (2003). What good are positive emotions in crises? A prospective study of resilience and emotions following the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11th, 2001. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 84, (2), 365-376. 11 pdf  Hayden,Chris Gaxiola Linares,Ana Li,Chunguang
 5 - Oct 6 Resilience in Individuals:  Characteristics continued                                            
Since time will be more limited this week, I am only assigning 1 reader per article...                     
                   ·         Avey, James B.; Luthans, Fred; Smith, Ronda M.; Palmer, Noel F.  2010.  “Impact of positive psychological capital on employee well-being over time.”  Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 15:1, 17-28. 10 pdf Gao,Jennifer Hoffmann,Thomas  
    ·         Barel, Efrat; Van IJzendoorn, Marinus H.; Sagi-Schwartz, Abraham; Bakermans-Kranenburg, Marian J.  2010.  “Surviving the Holocaust: A meta-analysis of the long-term sequelae of a genocide.”  Psychological Bulletin, 136:5, 677-698. 21 pdf  Kaur,Gurman  Tobias,Richard   
    ·         Diehl, Manfred; Hay, Elizabeth L.  2010.  “Risk and resilience factors in coping with daily stress in adulthood: The role of age, self-concept, incoherence, and personal control.”  Developmental Psychology, 46:5, 1132-1146.  14 pdf   Haman,Amanda  Doan,Kim   
    ·         Metzl, Einat S.  2009.  “The role of creative thinking in resilience after hurricane Katrina.”  Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, 3:2, 112-123. 11 pdf   Smith,Nick  Misra,Neha   
         ·       Friborg, Oddgeir; Barlaug, Dag; Martinussen, Monica; Rosenvinge, Jan H.; Hjemdal, Odin. 2005.  “Resilience in relation to personality and intelligence.”   International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research,14:1, 29-42. 14 pdf  Johnson,Brittany Li,Chunguang  
      ·         Bonanno, G. A., Papa, A., Lalande, K., Westphal, M., & Coifman, K. (2004). The Importance of Being Flexible: The Ability to Both Enhance and Suppress Emotional Expression Predicts Long-Term Adjustment. Psychological Science, 15, 482-487.   5 pdf  Gaxiola Linares,Ana Ranger,Jon  
      ·         Isen, A. M. (2002). Missing in action: Positive affect’s facilitation of cognitive flexibility, innovation, and problem solving. Psychological Inquiry, 13, 57–65.  8 pdf Hayden,Chris Qin,Jingxiang  
        ·         Wanberg, C. R., & Banas, J.T. (2000). Predictors and outcomes of openness to changes in a reorganizing workplace. Journal of Applied Psychology, 85, (1), 132-142 11 pdf  Scotese,Jeff Bonke,Amanda  
        ·         Masten, A.S., & Reed, M.J. (2002) Resilience in development. In C.R. Snyder & S.J. Lopez (Eds.), Handbook of Positive Psychology, 74-88. New York: Oxford U Press.  14 pdf  Qin,Jingxiang Cronin,Joe  
     ·         Jordan, J. V. (2004). Relational resilience. In J. V. Jordan, M. Walker, & L. M. Hartling (Eds.), The complexity of connection: Writings from the Stone Center’s Jean Baker Miller Training Institute (pp. 28-46). New York: The Guilford Press.  19 pdf  Seagren,Samantha Shen,Qi  
We have already reviewed much of Fredrickson's work, so I am not assigning these.  But they are still out there in cyberspace if you want to read even more about positive emotions.  :)             

 ·         Cohn, Michael A.; Fredrickson, Barbara L.; Brown, Stephanie L.; Mikels, Joseph A.; Conway, Anne M.  2009.  “Happiness unpacked: Positive emotions increase life satisfaction by building resilience.”  Emotion, 9:3, 361-368.

8 pdf         
    ·         Fredrickson, B. L., Mancuso, R. A., Branigan, C., & Tugade, M. M. (2000). The undoing effect of positive emotions. Motivation and Emotion, 24(4), 237-258.  22 pdf         
Individual Examples - assess either the person's actual resilience shown and/or the likelihood that they will prove to be resilient in the long run, citing evidence to support your position.          
After MUCH struggle, I cannot get these Word documents to open !@#$^&*&^%!@ so I am giving you the original html links as well.  One way or another... Andy Meier link 1 link 2 link 3 link 4 link 5 link 6 link 7
Ken Lewis docx link 1 link 2 link 3  
     Dina Wein Reis docx link 1       
      Eliot Spitzer docx link 1          
     Nelson Mandela docx link 1            
6 - Oct 13    Resilience in Individuals:  Development in Self                     
Since time will be more limited this week, I am only assigning 1 reader per article...
    ·         Margolis, Joshua D ; Paul G Stoltz.  2010.  How to Bounce Back from Adversity.  Harvard Business Review 88(1) (January/February 2010), p. 86-92.  7 pdf   Tobias,Richard Haman,Amanda  
    ·       Petersen, John L.  2009.  “A new end, a new beginning: Prepare for life as we don’t know it.”  Futurist, Sep/Oct2009, Vol. 43 Issue 5, p25-28.   3 pdf   Cronin,Joe  Seagren,Samantha   
    ·         Blascovich, J., & Tomaka, J. (1996). The biopsychosocial model of arousal regulation. Advances in Experimental Social Psychology, 28, 1-51.  50 pdf   Meyer,Courtney  Hayden,Chris    
      ·         Gersick, C. J. G., Bartunek, J. M., & Dutton, J. E. (2000). Learning from academia: The importance of relationships in professional life. Academy of Management Journal, 43, 1026-1044.  18 pdf   Steberl,Matt Reece,Destiny     
      ·         Luthans, F., Vogelgesang, G.R., & R, Lester, P.B. (2006). Developing the Psychological Capital of Resiliency. Human Resource Development Review, 5 (1), 25-44. 19  pdf  Ravnikar,Natasha Gao,Jennifer  
      ·         Roberts, L. M., Spreitzer, G., Dutton, J., Quinn, R., Heaphy, E., & Barker, B. (Jan. 2005). How to play to your strengths. Harvard Business Review, 74-80.  5  pdf  Li,Chunguang Smith,Nick    

·         Dutton, J. E., & Heaphy, E. D. (2003). The power of high quality connections. In K. S. Cameron, J. E. Dutton, & R. E. Quinn (Eds.), Positive organizational scholarship: Foundations of a new discipline (pp. 263-278). San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.

 15  pdf  Petroski,Aaron Gaxiola Linares,Ana   
    ·       Relationships and Resilience: Care Provider Responses to Pressures From Managed Care 21 pdf  Doan,Kim Johnson,Brittany  
7 - Oct 20 Resilience in Individuals:  Development in Others                     
A special request... Since this is the last night of class which will be full to overflowing with presentations, we will not actually be discussing these articles during class time.  So I am going to ask the writers, if at ALL possible, to circulate their summaries by no later than Sunday, 12 noon.  That way everyone can have this information at hand as they finish their blueprints.  Thanks in advance!
      ·         Barrett, F. (2004). Coaching for Resilience. Organization Development Journal, 22 (1), 93-96.  4  pdf  Reece,Destiny    
      ·         Masten, A.S. (2001). Ordinary Magic. Resilience processes in development. American Psychologist, 56, 227-238.  11 pdf   Bonke,Amanda    
      ·         Reinmoeller, P., & van Baardwijk. N. (2005). The Link Between Diversity and Resilience. MIT Sloan Management Review, 46 (4), 61.  5  pdf  Shen,Qi      

Being on PAR: Outcomes of a Pilot Trial to Improve Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace With the Promoting Adult Resilience (PAR) Program

13 pdf  Misra,Neha    

Professional Resilience in Baccalaureate-Prepared Acute Care Nurses: First Steps

10 pdf  Weng,Rui    

Strengthening Resilience in a Risky World: It's All About Relationships

19 pdf  Hoffmann,Thomas     
    Being a Resilient Leader              
        ·         Harland, L., Harrison, W., Jones, J. R., & Reiter-Palmon R. (2005). Leadership Behaviors and Subordinate Resilience. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 11 (2), 2-14.  12 pdf Ranger,Jon     
      ·         Maddi, Salvatore R., & Deborah M. Khoshaba.  (2003). Hardiness training for resiliency and leadership. In Paton, D., Violanti, J.M. & Smith, L.M. (Eds.) Promoting Capabilities to Manage Posttraumatic Stress: Perspectives on Resilience., (pp.43-58).  15 pdf Schneider,Jason      
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