Students are required to produce rough drafts for both papers.  I will not accept papers that do not have graded rough drafts attached.

Rough drafts are simply preliminary, unfinished versions of your essay. 

They will be due a few weeks before the final draft is due. 


Rough drafts need not be completely finished, but they will be graded and peer-reviewed, so please have at least 75% of your draft finished. 

On the day your rough draft is due, please bring in TWO copies -- one for me and one for the fellow student who is performing the peer review on your paper.  You must include a peer-reviewed draft in the materials you submit with your final papers.  See Papers and Instructions for more information.

I will use my rough draft copy to guide and direct you in your work and to alert you if I see major problems. Conferences will be scheduled at this time.

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