Mary Kay Schleiter, Ph.D.

Associate Professor 
Department of Sociology-Anthropology

Evaluation Research Center

University of Wisconsin-Parkside

Office: Greenquist 307
Phone: 262-595-2536
Email: mks "at"
Fax: 262-595-2183

MKS Working

Research Areas
  • Race and Ethnic Relations
  • Social Stratification/Poverty
  • Occupations and Professions
  • Program Evaluation
  • Scholarship of Teaching
Teaching Areas
Publications: Selected

"Challenges Faced by Women with Disabilities under TANF." (Schleiter, Mary Kay, Anne Statham, Teresa Reinders) Journal of Women, Politics, and Policy 27 (2005): 81-96.

“Women, Poverty, and Public Policy: A Community-Based Model for Collaborative Outreach Scholarship.” (Schleiter, Mary Kay, Katherine Rhoades, and Anne Statham) Journal of Higher Education Outreach 9,1 (2004): 11-24.

"U.S. Welfare Reform and Structural Adjustment Policies." (Mary Kay Schleiter and Anne Statham) Anthropological Quarterly 75,4(2002):759-764.

"Women Studies and the Women and Poverty Public Education Initiative " (Katherine Rhoades, Anne Statham, and Mary Kay Schleiter) in Teaching Feminist Activism: Strategies From the Field, eds. Nancy A. Naples and Karen Bojar. New York: Routledge, 2002

“The Status of Feminisms in the Academy.” National Women’s Studies Association Journal 10,2 (1998):137-142.

"Using Computer Conferencing to Break Down Racial and Gender Barriers in the College Classroom" Feminist Collections 17(1996):16-17.

"The Empathic Practitioner: Empathy, Gender, and Medicine."  (book review)  Annals of Internal Medicine 123 (Oct. 1, 1995):557.

"Bearing Witness: Gay Men's Health Crisis and the Politics of AIDS."  Contemporary Sociology 23 (July, 1994): 612.

"Faculty Perceptions of Librarians: Status, Role, Contribution and Contacts" (Lawrence Oberg, Mary Kay Schleiter, Michael Van Houten), College and Research Libraries 50 (March, 1989).

"Changes in the Supply of Internists:  The Internal Medicine Population from 1978 to 1998" (Phillip R. Kletke, Mary Kay Schleiter, Alvin R. Tarlov), Annals of Internal Medicine 107 (July, 1987), 93-100.

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"The practices of general and subspecialty internists in counseling about smoking and exercise" (Kenneth B. Wells, Charles E. Lewis, Barbara Leake, Mary Kay Schleiter and Robert H. Brook), American Journal of Public Health 76 (August, 1986), 1009-1013.

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