The Family












Judy Sebetic

Judy is a hard working mother. She works full time as part of the management team at Abbott Laboratories. She has been there for 15 years.

Thanks to her rank, she was never in jepeordy of losing her job. Abbott decided to not stand behind their logo, "a promise for life" and lay off a whole lot of workers over the past 3 years.

Before Abbott, Judy was a nurse at St. Catherines Hostpital. She has her bachelor degree from University of Wisconsin- Whitewater. Her masters degree is from University of Wisconsin-Parkside.

Raising the kids

When we were younger us 3 kids traveled alot. We played on alot of traveling teams. All growing up, whatever her children needed, she would provide. No questions were every asked, no repayment ever expected. All of our 3 college educations are paid for by my mom and dad. I think that is huge, because me alone will have a tab of 2 undergradute degrees. You add 2 more kids on top of that and it becomes quite a costly fund.