John V. Ward

Associate Professor

Department of Geography

University of Wisconsin-Parkside

+1 2625953416 (department)




PhD University of Arkansas

MS/BS Central Washington University




UW-P GIS Certificate Program

Spatial Data Analysis Lab

UW-P Department of Geography

Teaching& Research


GIS & Cartography

Cultural & Natural Resources

Natural Disasters & Society

Heritage Preservation

Music Geography



My interests are rather broad but tend to focus on the study of ways in which humans interact with their environment and the preservation of cultural and natural heritage resources.  My work often involves the use of GIS technology.  I have worked on various projects including the management of rail trails as both cultural and natural resources, historic land use, archaeological research, and neighborhood revitalization.


More recently I have become interested in the underground disseminated of music on the World Wide Web as well as other topics related to music geography and cyberspace.


I have presented my research at conferences in South Africa, Jamaica, Finland, Austria, the UK, and the US.




GEOG 100 *

Physical Geography and the Environment


GEOG 250

Map Use & Analysis


GEOG 306

Natural Disasters & Society


GEOG 308 *

Conservation of Natural Resources


GEOG 320 **

Geography of Europe


GEOG 350

Cartography & GIS


GEOG 460

Intro to GIS Analysis


GEOG 465

Advanced GIS



*I taught these classes in the Wisconsin In Scotland program in Edinburgh during the Summer 2013 semester. 


**In development

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“It is a surprising and memorable, as well as valuable experience,

 to be lost in the woods any time.” - Henry David Thoreau, 1854

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